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Email: Chapter 6, Article 3, Section 4

§6-3-4. Judgment on motion against officer or deputy and sureties.

If any officer or his deputy shall make such return upon any order, warrant, or process issued by a court, or the judge or clerk thereof, as entitles any person to recover money from such officer by action, the court to which, or to the clerk's office of which, such return is made, may, on a motion on behalf of such person, give judgment against such officer and his sureties, and against his and their personal representatives, for so much principal and interest as would, at the time such return ought to have been made, be recoverable by such action, with interest thereon at the rate of not less than six nor more than fifteen percent per annum (as the court may deem proper) from that time until payment. Where such return is by deputy, there may also be a like motion and judgment against such deputy and his sureties, and against his and their personal representatives.