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Email: Chapter 6, Article 7, Section 3

§6-7-3. Provision for clerical assistance, stationery, offices, traveling expenses and contingent fund.

It shall be the duty of the Governor to ascertain and report to the Legislature at each regular session the amount deemed necessary to provide each of the officers mentioned in section two of this article with sufficient clerical and office assistance, stationery and equipment for the proper discharge of the duties of the office, and, where offices are not furnished in the capitol building, with proper offices and light, heat and janitor's services for the same; and where any such officer is required in the proper discharge of the duties of his office to travel or journey from place to place, the amount necessary to provide for such purpose; and, where the circumstances may warrant it, the amount necessary to provide for a contingent fund to cover stationery, blank books, blanks, advertising, printing, fuel, lights, postage, express charges, office supplies, furniture, and any other necessary article that may not be otherwise specially provided for.