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Email: Chapter 6, Article 9A, Section 6

§6-9A-6. Enforcement by injunctions; actions in violation of article voidable; voidability of bond issues.

The circuit court in the county where the public agency regularly meets has jurisdiction and is a proper venue to enforce this article upon civil action commenced by any citizen of this state within 120 days after the action complained of was taken or the decision complained of was made. Where the action seeks injunctive relief, no bond may be required unless the petition appears to be without merit or made with the sole intent of harassing or delaying or avoiding return by the governing body.

The court is empowered to compel compliance or enjoin noncompliance with the provisions of this article and to annul a decision made in violation of this article. An injunction may also order that subsequent actions be taken or decisions be made in conformity with the provisions of this article: Provided, That no bond issue that has been passed or approved by any governing body in this state may be annulled under this section if notice of the meeting at which the bond issue was finally considered was given at least 10 days prior to the meeting by a Class I legal advertisement published in accordance with the provisions of §59-3-1 et seq. of this code in a qualified newspaper having a general circulation in the geographic area represented by that governing body.

In addition to or in conjunction with any other acts or omissions which may be determined to be in violation of this article, it is a violation of this article for a governing body to hold a private meeting with the intention of transacting public business, thwarting public scrutiny and making decisions that eventually become official action.

Any order which compels compliance or enjoins noncompliance with the provisions of this article, or which annuls a decision made in violation of this article shall include findings of fact and conclusions of law and shall be recorded in the minutes of the governing body.