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Email: Chapter 60, Article 3A, Section 9

§60-3A-9. Investigation of applicants for retail license; notification to applicants approving or denying application; general provisions relating to licensing.

(a) Upon receipt of an application for a retail license and such supplemental information as the commissioner may require, the commissioner may conduct such investigation of an applicant as deemed necessary or desirable.

(b) Upon the completion of any investigation of an applicant, the commissioner shall inform such applicant in writing whether the application has been approved or denied, and shall post a copy of the decision in the commissioner's office.

(c) When an application is denied, the commissioner shall provide the applicant the reasons for the denial, including specific findings of fact, and the applicant shall be entitled to a hearing before the commissioner if a hearing is requested within five days of the decision. Any such hearing shall be held as specified in section twenty-eight of this article, but the decision after hearing shall, notwithstanding the provisions of section twenty-eight, be final and binding and not subject to judicial review.

(d) An applicant shall provide all information required by this article and satisfy all requests for information pertaining to qualification and in the form specified by the commissioner. By filing an application, an applicant shall waive liability for any damages resulting from any disclosure or publication in any manner of any material or information acquired during inquiries, investigations or hearings.