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Email: Chapter 60, Article 4, Section 6

§60-4-6. Purchase and resale of alcoholic liquors and ethyl alcohol by retail druggists.

The commission may issue licenses to retail druggists to sell, upon prescription, and for the purposes provided for in this chapter, alcoholic liquors purchased from the commission. Any pharmacist, or retail druggist or drugstore employing a duly licensed pharmacist, having a regular place of business, may, upon filing with the commission, at the time of or prior to any purchase, a copy of the purchase order together with a written statement showing approximately when and in what manner any ethyl alcohol purchased will be shipped or transported, purchase from distillers, manufacturers, jobbers or wholesalers, whether within or without the state, and whether the seller has a permit or license to sell the same, ethyl alcohol for use in compounding or manufacturing any of the medical or other preparations mentioned in section four of article six of this chapter, and ship and transport or cause same to be shipped and transported to his place of business.