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§60-8-28. Wine brand licensing and registration and review of wine labels.

Every supplier offering wine for sale under this article shall register with the commissioner each wine brand offered for sale in the state and shall pay a fee of $100 for the registration of such wine brand for three years, such fee shall be returned to the supplier if the wine is not registered for sale. No wine brand may be sold under this article unless all of such wine brand's labels intended for sale in the state have been registered and reviewed by the commissioner. Every supplier offering various wine labels of a registered and reviewed wine brand for sale in the state shall submit all of the wine brand's labels intended for sale in the state for registration prior to the sale of such wine labels in the state for no additional fees. After the expiration of three years, the supplier may renew the registered wine brand by paying a $100 renewal fee for three more years and every three years thereafter. Prior to registration of any wine labels, the commissioner shall review the wine labels. This review shall include, but not be limited to, a review of the alcohol content, corporate or product information, marketing and advertising so that the wine label is not intended to be marketed to persons less than twenty-one years of age. The commissioner shall remove all nonrenewed wine labels and any licensee who sells wine with nonrenewed wine labels shall be subject to the penalties under section eighteen of this article. Failure to register, obtain certification and pay the annual fee for a wine brand and failure to register the wine brand's labels will subject the supplier to penalties under said section.