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Email: Chapter 60, Article 8, Section 29

§60-8-29. Affidavit of compliance required of distributors and suppliers.

Each applicant for a distributor’s license or a supplier’s license shall furnish at the time of application an affidavit of compliance with federal and state laws regarding tied house laws, trade practice requirements, and furnishing things of value requirements set forth in the code and the rules. The commissioner shall suspend the licenses of licensed distributors and suppliers upon 10 days written notice by the commissioner, for failing to pay their taxes to the Tax Commissioner or who are not otherwise in good standing with the commissioner and other state agencies. If the licensed distributors and suppliers fail to pay their taxes or otherwise fail to take corrective actions to put the licensed distributors and suppliers in good standing within 30 days from the date of suspension of the licensee’s license, then the commissioner shall revoke the licensee’s license pursuant to the requirements of this article.