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Email: Chapter 60, Article 8, Section 6

§60-8-6. License or registration required for sale or shipment of wine; shipment of limited quantities of wine to adult residents permitted.

(a) Except as to the commissioner and except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, no person may offer for sale or sell wine in this state, or offer wine for shipment into this state, except to a distributor who is duly licensed under this article. Every person, whether resident or nonresident in this state, who is engaged in or desires to engage in the sale or shipment of wine to a distributor for resale under this article shall, prior to engaging in such activities, register with the commissioner. If any such person violates the provisions of this article, he shall not be permitted to sell, ship or deliver any wine to a distributor or to the commissioner, or otherwise engage in the wine business in this state for a period of one year from the date a notice is mailed to such person by the commissioner of the fact that such person has violated the provisions of this article. During such one-year period, it shall be unlawful for any distributor within this state to buy or receive wine from such person or to have any dealings with such person with respect thereto. Hearings and appeals on such notices may be had in the same manner as in the case of revocations of licenses under this article.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter or any other law to the contrary, any person or winery that is currently licensed and in good standing in its domicile state as a winery, farm winery, supplier or retailer of wine and who obtains a direct shipper's license from the commissioner, as provided in this chapter, may ship up to a maximum of two cases of wine per month directly to adult West Virginia residents who are twenty-one years of age or over, for such adult resident's personal use and consumption and not for resale. Licensed direct shippers must maintain accurate records of all shipments sent to West Virginia residents. All shipments of wine into West Virginia by licensed direct shippers shall be made by a licensed and bonded shipping carrier. Direct shippers and their carriers shall not ship wine to areas of West Virginia where wine may not be lawfully sold by county, local or municipal law. Any holder of a direct shipper's license must collect all taxes, sales taxes, municipal taxes and the liter tax due to West Virginia, remit all sales, municipal taxes and the liter tax to the Tax Commissioner at the close of each month and file a monthly return reflecting the taxes paid for all sales and shipments to residents in West Virginia. The commissioner shall prescribe the forms to be used to file the monthly returns. The shipping container of any wine sent into or out of this state under this subsection shall be clearly and conspicuously labeled to indicate that the package cannot be delivered to: (1) Any person under the age of twenty-one; (2) to an intoxicated person; or (3) to a person physically incapacitated due to the consumption of nonintoxicating beer, wine or alcoholic liquors or the use of drugs; and (4) the carriers are required to obtain a written or electronic signature upon delivery of an adult resident who the carrier verifies is at least twenty-one years of age or older and if the carrier is not able to obtain a signature of a verified adult resident at least twenty-one years of age or older, then the carrier may not complete the delivery of the wine shipment. Failure of any holder of a direct shipper's license or such licensee's carrier to abide by the provisions of this chapter and the commissioner's rules may subject the direct shipper to the penalties available to the commissioner under section eighteen of this article.