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Email: Chapter 61, Article 8B, Section 17

§61-8B-17. Study of reimbursement; recordkeeping; disclosure; confidentiality.

(a) The West Virginia prosecuting attorneys institute is hereby directed to undertake a study of the viability of the state seeking reimbursement from private insurance companies for the cost of forensic medical examinations. The study shall be completed prior to the first day of the regular legislative session, one thousand nine hundred ninety-seven, and provided to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates.

(b) The West Virginia prosecuting attorneys institute shall develop and maintain a database for use by law-enforcement personnel, prosecuting attorneys and persons engaged in lawful research of the information collected pursuant to its administration of the forensic medical examination fund. The database shall include the number of examinations performed, the facilities performing the examination and where feasible, other information considered to be of assistance to law-enforcement and the prosecution of sexual offenses. The database shall be maintained in a manner which assures the confidentiality of the information.