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Email: Chapter 6D, Article 1, Section 3

§6D-1-3. Filing with Ethics Commission.

(a) The disclosure of interested parties must be submitted on a form prescribed and approved by the Ethics Commission that includes:

(1) A list of each interested party to the contract that is known or reasonably anticipated by the contracting business entity; and

(2) The signature of the authorized agent of the contracting business entity, acknowledging that the disclosure is made under oath and under penalty of perjury.

(b) Not later than the fifteenth day after the date the state agency receives an initial or supplemental disclosure of interested parties required under this section, the state agency shall submit a copy of the disclosure to the Ethics Commission.

(c) The Ethics Commission shall make copies of the disclosures received from state agencies publicly available. To the extent possible under existing technology or upon obtaining sufficient technology, the Ethics Commission shall post copies of the disclosures on the commission’s website.