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§7-1-1b. Legislative findings; qualifications for county commissioners.

(a) The Legislature finds that:

(1) There is confusion concerning when a candidate for county commission must be a resident of the magisterial district he or she wants to represent;

(2) The supreme court has discussed the residency requirement in several cases and has conflicting interpretations;

(3) It is imperative that this issue be permanently resolved at the time of filing to ensure the citizens have choice on the ballot;

(4) It is essential the citizens know they are voting for a person who is qualified to be a candidate; and

(5) With the expense of holding an election, tax payer moneys should not be wasted of officials who could never serve.

(b) A candidate for the office of county commissioner shall be a resident from the magisterial district for which he or she is seeking election:

(1) By the last day to file a certificate of announcement pursuant to section seven, article five, chapter three of this code; or

(2) At the time of his or her appointment by the county executive committee or the chairperson of the county executive committee.