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Email: Chapter 7, Article 1, Section 3Q

§7-1-3q. County commissions on intergovernmental relations created and established; composition of commission; powers and duties of commission; executive secretary; duties of executive secretary.

There is hereby established in each county a commission on intergovernmental relations. The commission shall be composed of the members of the county court and such other members as may be designated by the county court. Members other than the county court members shall serve at the will and pleasure of a majority of the county court members.

This commission shall assemble and disseminate information concerning federal programs which provide financial assistance to the residents of their county. Such programs shall include but not be limited to,

1. Public Health Service Act, as amended. Public Law 89-97.

2. Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended.

3. Health Insurance for the aged under Public Law 89-97, as amended.

4. Supplementary medical insurance for the aged under Public Law 89-97, as amended.

5. Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, as it pertains to interest reduction payments and rental and cooperative housing for lower income families.

6. Housing Act of 1964, as amended, by Public Law 85-560, relating to rehabilitation loans.

7. The Emergency Employment Assistance Act of 1971.

8. Job opportunity programs and on the job training under various federal acts.

9. Neighborhood improvement and development programs under various federal acts.

10. Library and other public facility improvement programs under various federal programs.

The commission shall cooperate with municipalities, other county agencies, state and federal agencies to effect the purposes of this section. Appropriate state agencies are authorized to give such technical assistance as may be requested by the commission.

The clerk of the county court of each county shall be the executive secretary to the commission and as such shall attend all meetings, keep a record of all proceedings, assemble and disseminate such information as may be required by the commission and to perform such other duties as may reasonably be required by the commission to effectuate the purposes of this section.