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Email: Chapter 7, Article 11, Section 4

§7-11-4. Oath of members; officers; location of office; personnel.

After appointment, the members of the commission shall qualify by taking and filing with the clerk of the county court the oath prescribed by law for public officials; one of the members of said commission shall be elected as president, another as vice president, and a secretary shall be elected who need not be a member of the commission. Said commission shall maintain an office at any place it may designate in the county and have control of the management and operation of all properties and facilities which shall be operated in connection with the public parks and recreation system of such county and shall have power to employ or appoint such persons as, in its opinion, may be necessary for the construction, establishment, improvement, development, administration, operation and maintenance of the properties and facilities under its control, subject, however, to the limits of available funds.