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§7-11A-1. County commission or municipality may establish museum commission; cooperation; appointments.

Any county commission by order entered of record and any municipality by ordinance or any county and municipality by joint agreement may, if it or they so desire, establish a museum commission hereinafter, in this article referred to as the commission, to consist of not less than five nor more than ten appointees to be appointed by the county court or the mayor, as the case may be, and in the case of cooperative efforts between counties and municipalities, hereby authorized, each authority is to have equal appointive power.

§7-11A-2. Provisions of order or ordinance creating commission.

In any such order or ordinance, the governing body shall include provisions specifying (1) the terms of the members of such commission; (2) a method of filling vacancies; (3) whether the members of the commission are to be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of their duties; (4) the officers of the commission to be elected from the membership thereof; (5) requirements as to meetings of the commission; (6) requirements as to a quorum of the commission; (7) requirements as to voting by members of the commission; and (8) such other matters as may be deemed necessary or desirable for the proper functioning of the commission.

§7-11A-3. Commission empowered to employ personnel and charge admission fees.

Any such commission may also be authorized and empowered by any such ordinance or order to employ, within the limits of funds available therefor, such employees, assistants, technical personnel and consultants as are necessary to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the commission which such duties shall be contained in the order or ordinance establishing the commission. Any such commission may, in its discretion, charge admission fees.

Any such commission shall have the right and power to exercise eminent domain, with the approval of the county commission wherein the power of eminent domain is sought to be exercised, for the purpose of preserving historical and archeological points of interest in their respective jurisdictions.

§7-11A-4. County commission or municipality may contribute money to commission; commission may receive gifts, etc.

Any municipality or county establishing any such commission shall have plenary power and authority to appropriate and contribute funds to such commission for expenditure by the commission for the purposes of this article and any expenditure and contribution of county commission or municipal funds shall be under this article. Any such commission may receive gifts, grants, donations, bequests or devises from sources other than public funds.

§7-11A-5. County, city and state agencies shall assist commission.

Upon the request of any such commission, all agencies of the city, county and state shall assist such commission in the discharge of its duties and functions.

§7-11A-6. Commission must cooperate and coordinate activities with state agencies.

Every such commission shall cooperate and coordinate its activities with the West Virginia department of archives and history, the West Virginia historical society and the West Virginia antiquities commission.