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Email: Chapter 7, Article 16, Section 3

§7-16-3. Management and control vested in authority; appointment and terms of members; vacancies; removal of members; meetings; quorum; compensation.

The management and control of the authority, its property, operations, business and affairs shall be lodged in an authority of seven persons who shall be known as "members of the authority," each of whom shall be appointed by the county commission for a term of three years, except that as to the first seven appointed to the first authority appointed, the term of two members shall expire on July 1, next ensuing, the terms of the next two members shall expire on July 1, two years thereafter, and the term of three members shall expire on July 1, three years thereafter. Each member shall hold office until the expiration of the term for which such member is appointed or until a successor shall have been duly appointed and shall have qualified. Vacancies on the authority shall be filled by appointment of the county commission for the unexpired term of the member whose office shall be vacant.

No member may be an elected official or employee of the county or engaged in solid waste business. Board members may be reappointed to serve additional terms. All members of the board shall be citizens of the State of West Virginia and the county.

The county commission may at any time remove any member of the authority by an order duly entered of record and may appoint a successor.

Annually the authority shall elect one of its members as chairman, another as vice chairman and appoint a secretary-treasurer, who need not be a member of the authority.

Four members of the authority shall constitute a quorum and the affirmative vote of a majority shall be necessary for any action taken by vote of the authority. No vacancy in the membership of the authority shall impair the rights of quorum by such vote to exercise all rights and perform all the duties of the authority. The person appointed as secretary-treasurer, including an authority member if he is so appointed, shall give bond in the sum of $50,000.

Each of the seven appointed members of the authority shall receive $50 for each meeting actually attended, but the total compensation paid to any member shall not exceed the aggregate sum of $600 in any fiscal year. Each of the seven authority members shall also be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of his duties as a member of the authority. All such compensation and expenses incurred by authority members shall be payable solely from funds of the authority or from funds appropriated for such purpose by the county commission and no liability or obligation shall be incurred by the authority beyond the extent to which moneys are available from funds of the authority or from such appropriation.

The authority shall meet at least four times annually and upon the call of its chairman or upon the request in writing to the chairman of four board members.