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Email: Chapter 7, Article 2, Section 6

§7-2-6. Establishment of county boundary lines; filing of maps; changes.

The boundary lines between the several counties of the state shall be established in the following manner: Topographic quadrangle maps prepared by the United States geological survey and the West Virginia geological and economic survey in conformance with prior acts of the general assembly of Virginia, acts of the Legislature of West Virginia and other applicable provisions of law, shall be filed by the state geologist with the Secretary of State of West Virginia and shall thereafter constitute the official boundary lines between the said counties: Provided, however, That said boundary lines shall be located, plotted and delineated upon said maps together with any other pertinent information with reference thereto and each of said maps shall be certified as correct by the director and state geologist of the West Virginia geological and economic survey prior to such filing. Certified copies of all such maps shall be filed with the Legislative Auditor for use in the legislative library and a certified copy of each county map shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county court of that county and recorded in an appropriate deed book or plat book.

All county boundary lines which are or may be established by metes and bounds (by bearings and distances between monuments) by the Legislature or pursuant to section one of this article shall constitute an official change in such boundary line or lines and the director and state geologist of the West Virginia geological and economic survey shall promptly locate, plat and delineate such change upon the applicable map or maps and certify and file such change as aforesaid.