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Email: Chapter 7, Article 20, Section 21

§7-20-21. Relocation of public utility lines or facilities to accommodate special infrastructure project.

(a) In the event a county commission determines that any public utility line or facility located upon, across or under any portion of a street, avenue, highway, road or other public place or way shall be temporarily or permanently readjusted, removed, relocated, changed in grade or otherwise altered (each and all hereinafter for convenience referred to as "relocation") in order to accommodate any infrastructure project undertaken pursuant to the provisions of this article, the cost of the relocation shall be borne by the county commission.

(b) For purposes of this section, the term "cost of relocation" shall include the entire amount paid by such utility, exclusive of any right-of-way costs incurred by such utility, properly attributable to such relocation after deducting therefrom any increase in the value of the new line or facility and salvage derived from the old line or facility.

(c) The cost of relocating utility lines or facilities, as defined herein, in connection with any special infrastructure project is hereby declared to be a cost of the project.