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§7-26-6. Standards for interagency cooperation.

(a) This section is created for the purpose of enhancing cooperative efforts undertaken by sheriff offices for the more efficient investigation and apprehension of persons who violate the criminal laws of the state of West Virginia or the United States and also to assist the victims of such crimes. The provisions of this section are meant to promote interagency communication, intelligence gathering, multijurisdictional investigations, provision of personnel to work on temporary special assignment with the personnel of another sheriff's office and making available equipment, training, technical assistance and information systems.(b) Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs may, from time to time, be called upon by a sheriff of another jurisdiction for assistance during incidents where the resources of that county are not adequate to meet the needs of a particular circumstance or emergency in accordance with article ten, chapter fifteen of this code. Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs are hereby authorized to provide multiagency assistance to another county pursuant to the requirements outlined in this section: Provided, That any mutual aid agreement entered into by a sheriff of any county shall remain in effect unless and until the agreement is withdrawn in writing by the sheriff of that county, regardless of whether a new sheriff of the county is elected or appointed.

(c) The provisions of this section apply only to requests for assistance made by and to authorized representatives of a sheriff's office whose jurisdiction is involved in a mutual aid agreement pursuant to article ten, chapter fifteen of this code. The provisions of this section shall be activated only upon request by one of the aforementioned authorized representatives or their designee.