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§7-4-4. Prosecutor’s advisory council; victim advocates; participation in multidisciplinary planning process.

The prosecutor’s advisory council composed of elected prosecuting attorneys of each county of the state or a designated member of their staff is continued. The prosecutor’s advisory council shall meet not less than one time each year. Annually, the council shall elect from among its membership a chairman of the council who shall set the agenda for the council’s meetings and shall appoint necessary committees and direct the work of the council in carrying out its duties under the provisions of this section.

The council shall provide advice, assistance, training, and leadership to the offices of the various county prosecuting attorneys of this state in criminal and civil cases which involve child abuse or neglect or sexual assault or sexual abuse of children. The council shall also provide advice and assistance to the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Resources in the implementation of a multidisciplinary planning process as set forth in §49-4-401 through §49-4-413 of this code.

The council may seek funds and programs to provide each prosecuting attorney’s office with a staff person to assist children who are crime victims to obtain services and assistance from other agencies and programs in the community. Prosecuting attorneys shall be reimbursed by their respective county commissions for necessary expenses actually incurred when attending meetings of the council.

The council may apply for and receive funds from any grant program of any agency or institution in the United States, public or private, to be used for carrying out the purposes of this section.