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Email: Chapter 7, Article 5, Section 9

§7-5-9. Exemption of county property from execution; enforcing payment of order or judgment.

The land, buildings, furniture and books belonging to a county, and used for county purposes, shall not be subject to execution or other process; but the county court shall issue an order on the treasury to satisfy any judgment or decree against the county, upon presentation of a copy thereof properly certified by the clerk of the court by which it was rendered. When any order on the county treasury has been presented to the sheriff without obtaining payment, or the sheriff has evaded or hindered such presentation, it shall be lawful for the person entitled to the money due on such order, judgment, or decree, to petition any court having jurisdiction, or a judge thereof in vacation, for a writ of mandamus, to be directed to the county court of such county, commanding it to provide for the payment of such money, by and out of the next county levy to be made in the county, or show sufficient cause why it should not be compelled to do so; which writ shall be returnable as the court or judge awarding the same may order. Upon such writ such proceedings shall be had as are prescribed by law in other like cases, and the court (but not the judge in vacation) may, if the case justify it, award a peremptory mandamus, directed to such court, to provide in the next county levy to be thereafter made, for what shall appear to be due to the said complainant, with interest and cost. To any judgment or order of a circuit court under this section a writ of error or supersedeas may be granted on like principles and rules as in other cases.