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Email: Chapter 7, Article 5A, Section 4

§7-5A-4. Time for presentation of unpaid claims; payment by drafts; balance deposited in sinking fund.

All persons, firms or corporations holding any claims drawn on county funds of their county, and which are due and unpaid, shall present the same for payment and cancellation to the county court of said county within thirty days of the date of said notice, whereupon the said county court shall proceed to pay off and liquidate such claims by issuing drafts on said liquidating fund of said county for the aggregate amount of all claims held by such persons, firms or corporation, plus interest that may have accrued thereon, and such cancelled claims shall be filed by the county clerk: Provided, That no check, draft or order drawn on said fund, shall be paid or honored by any bank or depository until the same has been countersigned by the prosecuting attorney of said county.

If any balance remains in said fund after the aforesaid thirty days have expired, then the county courts of the several counties shall deposit the same to the credit of the sinking fund as hereinafter provided and created.