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§7A-3-4. Metro charter review committee.

(a) A metro charter review committee shall be established within thirty days of the county commission verifying the petition or resolution proposing consolidation.

(b) A metro charter review committee consists of the following members:

(1) Two government officials or their designees from the principal city appointed by the governing body of the principal city;

(2) Two county commissioners or their designees from each affected county appointed by their respective county commissions;

(3) If the principal city is located in two counties and one is not participating in consolidation, then one county commissioner or his or her designee from the county not participating in consolidation appointed by the county commission; and

(4) Two or three public members, including one from an unincorporated area, elected by the other members to make the number of charter review committee members an odd number.

(c) A metro charter review committee continues to exist until it is dissolved pursuant to the charter or the final disapproval of the charter.