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Email: Chapter 8, Article 11, Section 3

§8-11-3. Cases requiring enactment of ordinance.

In the following enumerated cases, the action of a governing body shall, except where otherwise provided in this code, be by ordinance:

(1) Levying taxes or providing for the collection of fees of any kind;

(2) Requiring a license to do business;

(3) Relating to offenses and penalties;

(4) Authorizing the issuance of bonds or other forms of indebtedness;

(5) Providing for a public improvement;

(6) Providing for the purchase of private property by the municipality or for the sale of property belonging to the municipality;

(7) Laying out or vacating a public street, avenue, road, alley or way;

(8) Relating to planning and zoning;

(9) Granting franchises to public utilities;

(10) Providing for a contractual or other agreement with another jurisdiction; and

(11) Relating to such other matters as the charter may require.

The action of a governing body shall also be by ordinance in any other case in which an ordinance is required by the provisions of this code.