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§8-12-2. Home rule powers for all cities.

(a) In accordance with the provisions of the "Municipal Home Rule Amendment" to the Constitution of this state, and in addition to the powers and authority granted by (i) such Constitution, (ii) other provisions of this chapter, (iii) other general law, and (iv) any existing charter, any city shall have plenary power and authority by charter provision not inconsistent or in conflict with such Constitution, other provisions of this chapter or other general law, or by ordinance not inconsistent or in conflict with such Constitution, other provisions of this chapter, other general law or any existing charter, to provide for the government, regulation and control of the city's municipal affairs, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) The creation or discontinuance of departments of the city's government and the prescription, modification or repeal of their powers and duties;

(2) The transaction of the city's business;

(3) The incurring of the city's obligations;

(4) The presentation, ascertainment, disposition and discharge of claims against the city;

(5) The acquisition, care, management and use of the city's streets, avenues, roads, alleys, ways and property;

(6) The levy, assessment, collection and administration of such taxes and such special assessments for benefits conferred, as have been or may be specifically authorized by the Legislature;

(7) The operation and maintenance of passenger transportation services and facilities, if authorized by the Public Service Commission, and if so authorized, such transportation system may be operated without the corporate limits of such city, but may not be operated within the corporate limits of another municipality without the consent of the governing body thereof;

(8) The furnishing of all local public services;

(9) The government, protection, order, conduct, safety and health of persons or property therein;

(10) The adoption and enforcement of local police, sanitary and other similar regulations; and

(11) The imposition and enforcement of penalties for the violation of any of the provisions of its charter or of any of its ordinances.

(b) By charter provision, a civil service system may be provided for all or any class of city employees in addition to those classes for which a civil service system is made mandatory by general law.

(c) Any city is hereby authorized and empowered to require, for the purpose of inquiring into and investigating matters of concern to the city or its inhabitants, the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of evidence. In case of the failure or refusal of a witness to appear and testify or to produce evidence, the governing body may invoke the aid of the circuit court of the county in which the city or the major portion of the territory thereof is located. Upon proper showing, the circuit court shall issue an order requiring the witness to appear and give testimony and produce evidence concerning the matter in question. A person who fails or refuses to obey the order of the circuit court may be punished by the court as for contempt. A claim that any such testimony or evidence may tend to incriminate the person giving the testimony or evidence shall not excuse the witness, but such testimony or evidence shall not be used against the witness in any criminal prosecution.

(d) Any city is hereby authorized and empowered to provide for a sealer of weights and measures who shall exercise his powers in accordance with the provisions of article one, chapter forty-seven of this code.