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Email: Chapter 8, Article 14, Section 2

§8-14-2. Hours of duty for policemen in a paid police department under civil service; overtime compensation or time off; municipal emergencies.

In any paid police department of any municipality now or hereafter operated under police civil service as provided in subsequent sections of this article, the members of any such department subject to and under civil service shall not be required to be on duty more than five days in any calendar week, nor more than eight hours in any one day, unless they shall be compensated as hereinafter in this section provided. For any time spent on duty by any member of a paid police department under civil service in excess of eight hours in any one day or in excess of forty hours in any one week, such member shall, notwithstanding any other provisions of this code to the contrary, be paid, at a rate not less than his regular rate of pay, for each full hour or allowed equal time off: Provided, That in time of municipal emergency as hereinafter in this section defined, the foregoing provisions with respect to additional pay or time off shall not apply. A municipal emergency for purposes of this section shall mean an unusual or abnormal condition beyond the municipality's control and a condition beyond its reasonable power to remove or overcome.