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Email: Chapter 8, Article 16, Section 9


§8-16-9. Bonds for improvements, etc., of works.

Whenever any municipality or municipalities now, or hereafter, shall own and maintain and operate any of the works herein referred to, whether constructed, reconstructed, established or acquired under the provisions of this article or not, and shall desire to improve, renovate, extend, enlarge, increase, equip or repair (including replacements) the same, it may issue revenue bonds, under the provisions of this article, to pay for the same, and the procedure therefor, including fixing all rates and the computation of the amount thereof, shall be the same as in this article provided for the issuance of bonds for the construction, reconstruction, establishment or acquisition of any such works in or by any such municipality which has not theretofore owned and maintained and operated any such works: Provided, That no existing obligations or rights shall be affected or impaired thereby.