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Email: Chapter 8, Article 17, Section 5

§8-17-5. Hearing on adverse report in engineer's memorandum; notice thereof; modification of memorandum; expenses charged to petitioner upon failure of petition.

If the engineer certifies in his memorandum that the improvement is not reasonably necessary, or that the estimated total cost is more than $1,000, or both, the governing body shall notify the petitioner of the adverse report in the engineer's memorandum, and of a date (at least ten days from the date of the mailing of the notice as provided below), time and place of a meeting of the governing body, at which the engineer shall be present and the petitioner may object to or be heard on any part of the engineer's memorandum concerned with the said adverse report. The notice shall be given by mailing a copy thereof to the petitioner at the address listed in the petition unless the petitioner shall have notified the governing body in writing of a change in his mailing address, in which case the notice shall be mailed according to such change. The governing body may modify the memorandum in accordance with the evidence introduced at said meeting; but if no evidence is introduced, the engineer's memorandum shall be accepted. In any case where the petition fails because there is no reasonable necessity for the improvement or because the estimated total cost of the improvement is more than $1,000, or because of both reasons, the petitioner shall be charged with all municipal expenses in connection therewith, except salaries and wages of regular municipal officials and employees, which charge shall be made by ordinance or resolution of the governing body; and a statement of such charge shall be mailed to the petitioner at the proper address, determined as aforesaid.

For convenience of reference herein, the term "engineer's memorandum" shall mean, as the case may be, his original memorandum, or his memorandum as modified in accordance with the provisions of this section or section eight of this article.