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§8-18-18. Reassessment for void, irregular or omitted assessments.

In the case of the construction of any permanent improvements where an assessment has heretofore been laid or may hereafter be laid for the cost thereof, which said assessment is or shall be void or voidable by reason of errors, irregularities or defects in the proceedings under which such improvements were made, or in case such assessment shall have been made against the wrong person or property, or shall have been omitted to be made in a case where the same was proper, it shall be the duty of the governing body within ten years after the completion of such improvements, or after any court shall have declared such assessment invalid, to cause notice to be given to any person or persons against whom the cost of said improvements might properly be or have been assessed, of its intention to lay such assessment and fixing a date, time and place at which the owner or owners may appear and show cause against the same. Said notice shall be served in the manner provided in this article for the giving of notices in assessment proceedings, or in any other manner provided by law. At the time and place specified in the notice aforesaid or at any time thereafter, the governing body shall proceed to lay and levy an assessment or assessments for the cost of such improvements as would have been lawful under proper proceedings at the time said improvements were completed, unless the owner or owners so notified shall show good cause against the same. The reassessment or reassessments so laid shall be a lien upon the property liable therefor in the manner hereinabove provided from the date of the completion of the improvements, with interest therefrom, and proper assessment certificates may be issued, recordation had, and the payment thereof and the lien thereof may be enforced in the same manner and upon the same terms as would have been proper at the time of the completion of the said improvements had the assessments therefor been then properly laid and levied.