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§8-19-19. Alternative procedure for acquisition, construction or improvement of waterworks or electric power system.

As an alternative to the procedures hereinabove provided, any municipality or county commission is hereby empowered and authorized to acquire, construct, establish, extend, equip, repair, maintain and operate a waterworks or an electric power system or to construct, maintain and operate additions, betterments and improvements to an existing waterworks system or an existing electric power system, whether acquired, constructed, established, extended or equipped under the provisions of this article or not, and to collect the revenues therefrom for the services rendered thereby, through the supervision and control of a committee, by whatever name called, composed of all or a portion of the governing body, or of a board or commission appointed by such governing body, as may be provided by the governing body, and if such alternative is followed, said committee, board or commission shall have and be limited to all the powers, authority and duties granted to and imposed upon a board as provided in article sixteen of this chapter.