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Email: Chapter 8, Article 21, Section 8

§8-21-8. Purchase, lease or condemnation of real property.

The board is hereby granted the power and authority to acquire in its name or in the name of the city by purchase, lease, or by exercise of the power of eminent domain, or otherwise, such land or lands as it shall determine to be necessary, appropriate, convenient or incidental to the establishment, construction, improvement, extension, development, maintenance or operation of a system of public parks, parkways, playgrounds, athletic fields, stadiums, swimming pools, skating rinks or arenas and other public park and recreational facilities for the city, whether of a like or different nature: Provided, That any such acquisition by the board made by exercise of the power of eminent domain must be approved by a majority vote of the governing body of that municipality. Approval by the governing body must be granted as to each specific parcel or tract of land to be acquired by power of eminent domain.