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Email: Chapter 8, Article 22, Section 23

§8-22-23. Rules and regulations as to distribution of funds; proof of age.

The board of trustees of the policemen's pension and relief fund and the board of trustees of the firemen's pension and relief fund shall make rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the provisions of sections sixteen through twenty-eight of this article, for the distribution of the moneys of such funds according to the qualifications of those to whom any portion of such moneys shall be paid and the amount thereof: Provided, That such rules and regulations shall not be enforced until the same have been approved by the governing body.

At the time of the original appointment of any member to the paid police or fire department, such member shall, at the request of the board of trustees, furnish to said board a certified copy of his birth certificate or other proof of his date of birth satisfactory to the board.