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Email: Chapter 8, Article 22A, Section 28

§8-22A-28. How a municipality or municipal subdivision becomes a participating public employer; duty to request referendum on Social Security coverage.

(a) Subject to section sixteen, article twenty-two of this chapter, any municipality or municipal subdivision employing municipal police officers or firefighters may by a majority of the members of its governing body eligible to vote, elect to become a participating public employer and thereby include its police officers and firefighters in the membership of the plan. The clerk or secretary of each municipality or municipal subdivision electing to become a participating public employer shall certify the determination of the municipality or municipal subdivision by corporate resolution to the Consolidated Public Retirement Board within ten days from and after the vote of the governing body. Separate resolutions are required for municipal police officers and municipal firefighters. Once a municipality or municipal subdivision elects to participate in the plan, the action is final and it may not, at a later date, elect to terminate its participation in the plan.

(b) On or before October 1, 2015, the participating employers shall jointly submit a plan to the State Auditor, pursuant to section five, article seven, chapter five of this code, to extend Social Security benefits to members of the retirement system.