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Email: Chapter 8, Article 23, Section 7

§8-23-7. Contract between public agencies for one public agency to perform a service, etc., for another public agency.

Any one or more public agencies are hereby empowered and authorized to contract with any one or more other public agencies for the performance of any governmental service, activity or undertaking which each public agency entering into the contract is authorized by law to perform, provided that such contract shall be authorized by the governing body of each party to the contract. Such contract shall set forth fully the purposes, power, authority, rights, objectives and responsibilities of the contracting parties. Any contracting party may make such payments for the performance of such service, activity or undertaking and as reimbursement for expenses incurred with respect thereto, as may be specified in the contract, and the public agency to which such payments are to be made is hereby empowered and authorized to receive the same.