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Email: Chapter 8, Article 25, Section 10

§8-25-10. Cooperation of regional council and other planning or development agencies, governmental units and officials.

To effectuate the purposes of this article, regional councils shall cooperate with planning agencies or development agencies within the region or within other regions, with the governing bodies and administrative officials of any municipality, county or any other political subdivision, including those in other states, or with any other entity, private or public, whose interests are in harmony with the purposes of this article, in order to coordinate and harmonize planning and development for the cooperating units. All state departments and agencies shall cooperate with regional councils established under this article and shall make available for the studies conducted by such councils, reports, data and other informational and technical assistance within financial and personnel limitations. Each regional council may appoint such committees and may adopt such rules and regulations as may be proper to effect such coordination and integration. The governing bodies and administrative officials of municipalities, counties and other political subdivisions within this state are hereby empowered and authorized to cooperate with such planning and development agencies and with the governing bodies and administrative officials of political subdivisions and planning and development agencies in other states for the purpose of such coordination and integration in accordance with the provisions of this article.