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Email: Chapter 8, Article 28, Section 2

§8-28-2. Establishment, lease and operation of airports by municipalities and counties; jurisdiction of county court.

Any municipality or county may acquire, establish, construct, lease, equip, improve, maintain and operate for such municipality or county an airport for the use of aircraft, and may acquire or lease for such purpose real property within or without or partly within and partly without the corporate limits of such municipality, or within or without or partly within and partly without such county, or may set apart and use for such purpose real property owned by the municipality or county, which is not needed for any other public use, however such real property was acquired. Any county court now owning or leasing or hereafter acquiring or leasing any real property without or partly without the limits of its county for the purpose of acquiring, establishing, constructing, improving, maintaining and operating an airport, shall have the same and all jurisdiction over such property, its maintenance and operation, as it has with respect to real property owned or leased and operated by it for airport purposes within the limits of its own county.