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§8-28-7. State and political subdivisions empowered and authorized to lease airports and grounds to others.

The state, acting through the aeronautics commission, or any municipality or county, owning, either severally or jointly with other governmental units, an airport and any grounds used or useful in connection therewith may severally or jointly lease the same to others, for use as an airport and for any other purposes incidental to and not inconsistent therewith, for a term not exceeding thirty years: Provided, That no lease shall be executed by such owner or owners of any such airport or grounds unless and until such owner or owners shall have given notice by publication of the following described notice as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the state if it is the state which proposes to make such lease or the political subdivision or subdivisions involved if it is a political subdivision or subdivisions which propose to make such lease. The notice shall state its or their intent to lease said airport or grounds, shall accurately describe what is proposed to be leased, the purpose or purposes for which the same may be used and the terms of said lease, shall state the time and place for the public opening of proposals for such lease, and shall reserve the right to reject any and all proposals. Nothing herein contained, however, shall prevent such owner or owners of any such airport or grounds from granting or renting landing rights for airplanes, hangar space, gasoline storage space, handling facilities, ticket or general office space, or any other facilities or rights in connection with such airport or grounds, covering or affecting less than the whole thereof, without notice and upon such terms as such owner or owners may deem advisable. All income received by a municipality or county court under the terms of any such lease or grant shall be paid to the state sinking fund commission to retire the bonded indebtedness, if any, created for the acquisition, establishment, construction, equipment, improvement, maintenance and operation of such airport or grounds, and if there be no such outstanding bonded indebtedness, then such income shall be paid into the General Funds of such municipality or county.