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§8-28-9. Construction, maintenance and operation of airports by municipalities of an adjoining state; acquisition of property therefor; property tax exempt.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a municipality organized and existing under the laws of an adjoining state, the nearest corporate limits thereof being not more than ten miles distant from the nearest boundary of this state, may acquire or lease real property situate within this state, the nearest boundary of such real property being not greater than ten miles from the nearest corporate limits of such municipality of an adjoining state, for use in connection with the acquisition, establishment, construction, lease, equipment, improvement, maintenance or operation for such municipality of an adjoining state of an airport exclusively for nonprofit public use; and any such municipality shall have the right to acquire real property necessary for such airport by gift or by purchase, and otherwise by condemnation, and the use of real property in this state under the provisions hereof shall be deemed to be a public use for which private property may be taken or damaged, for just compensation. All property, real and personal, acquired, held and used in this state pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be public property and therefore exempt from taxation in the manner provided by section nine, article three, chapter eleven of this code.