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§8-29-9. Rules and regulations to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic within quarter mile of airport; violation of rule and regulation a misdemeanor; penalty.

The county court of the county in which any such airport or the major portion thereof is located is hereby empowered and authorized, upon request of the authority, to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to: (1) Control the movement and disposition of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within one-fourth mile of any building or installation of any such airport, (2) regulate and control vehicular parking within such areas by the installation of parking meters or by other methods, and (3) impose reasonable charges for the use of the parking space so metered or otherwise allocated, so as to provide maximum opportunity for the public use thereof.

Violation of any such rule and regulation shall constitute a misdemeanor and, the offender, upon conviction in the manner provided by law, may be fined not less than $2 nor more than $10 for each such violation.

Justices of the peace shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the circuit courts and with statutory courts of record having criminal jurisdiction for the trial of offenses under this section.