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§8-3-6. Same —Time for election; notice; voting precincts; supplies; officials; certification; canvass; declaration of results; recount.

The proposed charter shall be submitted to the qualified voters of the incorporated territory for approval or rejection at a special election ordered by the county commission to be held concurrently with the next regularly scheduled primary or general election if there are more than 90 days preceding such election, and, if not, then, at the next succeeding regularly scheduled primary or general election, and at which election the officers provided for by said proposed charter and to be elected shall be voted upon in the manner provided in said proposed charter. The county commission shall cause notice of the date, hours, place, and purpose of such election to be given by publication thereof as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of §59-3-1 et seq. of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the incorporated territory. The first of said publications shall be made not less than 30 days prior to the date fixed for the election. Each such notice of election shall state that upon request any qualified voter and any freeholder of the incorporated territory may obtain a copy of the proposed charter from a designated person at a designated place.

For the purpose of holding and conducting said election, the county commission shall divide the incorporated territory into one or more temporary precincts, consisting of not more than 500 qualified voters in each temporary precinct; shall arrange for and provide at its expense polling places, registration books, challenges, and other election supplies as provided for by law in general elections; and shall appoint three commissioners of election and two clerks from the qualified voters of said incorporated territory for each temporary precinct so established, subject, however, to the provisions of §8-4-11 of this code. Such election shall be held and conducted under the supervision of the commissioners and clerks of election appointed by the county commission as aforesaid and shall be conducted as nearly as may be in accordance with the laws of this state governing general elections. The results of such election, both as to approval or rejection of the proposed charter and the election of officers, shall be certified as in general elections, and the returns shall be canvassed and the results declared by the county commission. In the event any commissioner or clerk designated to serve in said election shall fail or refuse to serve, such vacancy may be filled in like manner as such vacancies are filled in general elections under the laws of this state governing general elections. A recount may be had, as in general elections, upon the party or parties desiring such recount providing adequate assurance to the county commission that the party or parties shall pay all costs of such recount.