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§8A-12-10. West Virginia agricultural land protection authority -– duties.

The authority shall:

(a) Disseminate information regarding agricultural land protection and promote the protection of agricultural land;

(b) Assist county farmland protection boards in applying for and obtaining all state and federal funding available consistent with the purposes of the farmland protection programs;

(c) Upon request of a farmland protection board, provide technical and legal services necessary to procure, acquire, draft, file and record conservation and preservation easements;

(d) Prepare and file electronically with the Governor's office and with the Legislature by the thirty-first day of August of each year a report including, but not limited to, the following information:

(1) The cost per easement obtained;

(2) The identity of all applicants for conservation and preservation easements; and

(3) The identity of all applicants from whom conservation and preservation easements have been acquired;

(e) Seek and apply for all available funds from federal, state and private sources to accomplish the purposes of the farmland protection programs.