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Email: Chapter 8A, Article 7, Section 4

§8A-7-4. Study and report on zoning.

(a) After adoption of a comprehensive plan and before enacting a zoning ordinance, a governing body with the applicable planning commission must study the land within its jurisdiction. The study may include:

(1) Evaluating the existing conditions, the character of the buildings, the most desirable use for the land and the conservation of property values in relation to the adopted comprehensive plan; and

(2) Holding public hearings and meetings with notice to receive public input.

(b) The planning commission must use the information from the study and the comprehensive plan and prepare a report on zoning. The report shall include the proposed zoning ordinance, with explanatory maps showing the recommended boundaries of each district, and the rules, regulations and restrictions for each district.

(c) No zoning ordinance may be enacted without a study and report.