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§9-2-7. State's participation in federal work incentive program.

The state of West Virginia hereby acknowledges that the Congress of the United States has enacted legislation amending the Social Security Act to permit states to establish work incentive programs. The commissioner is hereby authorized to transfer moneys from any appropriate public assistance grant account under his control to the special fund, administered by the United States secretary of labor, created by such amendments. Any moneys transferred by the commissioner to the aforesaid special fund shall be considered as money expended for welfare grants. The commissioner is further empowered to promulgate rules, establish plans and perform any other acts necessary to implement this state's participation in the aforesaid work incentive program.

The commissioner is directed and authorized to cooperate and coordinate his activities in regard to such program with the commissioner of the West Virginia department of employment security as contemplated by section sixteen-a, article two, chapter twenty-one-a of the Code of West Virginia.