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Email: Chapter 9, Article 5, Section 16

§9-5-16. Medicaid program; legislative purpose; health care provider reimbursement study by department; hearings; report.

(a) It is the purpose of the Legislature in enacting this section to encourage the long-term well planned development of fair and equitable reimbursement methodologies and systems for all health care providers reimbursed under the Medicaid program in its entirety, and to ensure that reimbursement for services of all such health care providers is determined without undue discrimination or preference and with full consideration of adequate and reasonable compensation to such health care providers for the costs of providing such services.

(b) In order that the Legislature become better informed as to these matters, and appropriately appraise and balance the interests among all such health care providers and between all such health care providers and the interests of all the state's citizenry, the Legislature hereby directs the commissioner of the department of human services to identify, explore, study and consider the potential benefits and risks associated with the adoption of alternative and emerging and state-of-the-art concepts in reimbursement methodology for such health care providers.

(c) Toward this end, the commissioner shall conduct inquiries and hold hearings in order to provide all health care providers and other interested persons the opportunity to comment. In carrying out the provisions of this section, the commissioner shall have jurisdiction over such persons, whether such health care providers or not, as may be in the opinion of the commissioner necessary to the exercise of the mandate set forth in this section, and may compel attendance before the department, take testimony under oath and compel the production of papers or other documents. Upon reasonable requests by the commissioner, all other state agencies shall cooperate in carrying out the provisions of this section.

(d) The commissioner shall make monthly reports to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, created by article three, chapter four of this code, or a subcommittee designated by the Joint Committee, and at the completion of such identification, exploration, study and consideration, present to the Joint Committee or its subcommittee, no later than December 1, 1988, a summary report which shall set forth all activities pursuant to the mandate of the Legislature as set forth herein, any policy decisions reached and initiatives undertaken and findings and conclusions as well as any recommendations for legislation. The commissioner shall also make such full report to the Legislature no later than the first day of the 1989 regular session of the Legislature.

(e) Nothing in this section shall be construed to give the Legislature any jurisdiction over the Medicaid program or its operations.