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Email: Chapter 9, Article 9, Section 16

§9-9-16. Intergovernmental coordination.

(a) The commissioner of the Bureau of Employment Programs and the superintendent of the Department of Education shall assist the secretary in the establishment of the WV works program. Before implementation of this program, each department shall address in its respective plan the method in which its resources will be devoted to facilitate the identification of or delivery of services for participants and shall coordinate its respective programs with the department in the provision of services to participants and their families. Each county board of education shall designate a person to coordinate with the local Department of Health and Human Resources office the board's services to participant families and that person shall work to achieve coordination at the local level.

(b) The secretary and the superintendent shall develop a plan for program implementation to occur with the use of existing state facilities and county transportation systems within the project areas whenever practicable. This agreement shall include, but not be limited to, the use of buildings, grounds and buses. Whenever possible, the supportive services, education and training programs should be offered at the existing school facilities.

(c) The commissioner shall give priority to participants of the WV works program within the various programs of the Bureau of Employment Programs. The secretary and the commissioner shall develop reporting and monitoring mechanisms between their respective agencies.