§30-27-8b.  Certifications.

(a) The board shall issue a certification to an applicant who obtains training at a licensed school or continuing education provider, in West Virginia, in the following area:

Waxing Specialist.—  

An applicant for a waxing specialist shall present satisfactory evidence that he or she:

(A) Is at least eighteen years of age;

(B) Is of good moral character;

(C) Has a high school diploma, a GED, or has passed the “ability to benefit test” approved by the United States Department of Education;

(D) Has paid the applicable fee;

(E) Has a certificate of health from a licensed physician;

(F) Is a citizen of the United States or is eligible for employment in the United States;

(G) Has completed a one hundred-hour class that consists of: Professional requirements, safety and health, skin structure, disorders and diseases, removal of superfluous hair and twenty-five hours on the clinic floor, supervised, for a total of one hundred twenty-five hours;

(H) If not currently licensed, must take the West Virginia state law test; and

(I) Has fulfilled any other requirement specified by the board.

(b) The board shall issue to any barber the fifteen hundred clock-hour level licensure who has previously completed a twelve hundred clock-hour training program, and who subsequently completes a three hundred clock-hour certification program in chemical services.