§11-3-15d. Administrative review of tangible personal property valuation by assessor.

(a) The owner of business tangible personal property that is valued by the assessor or the person in whose possession it is found on the assessment date may appeal to the assessor within eight business days after the date the notice of increased assessment required by section fifteen-b of this article was received by filing a petition with the assessor on a form prescribed by the Tax Commissioner. For purposes of this section, >business day' means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or any legal holiday set forth in section one, article two, chapter two of this code. The petition shall set forth in writing:

(1) The taxpayer's opinion of the value of the tangible personal property; and

(2) Substantial information that justifies the opinion of value in order for the assessor to consider the information for the purpose of basing a change in the valuation.

(b) The assessor shall rule on each petition no later than February 10 of the tax year.

(c) The notice of the assessor's ruling provided under this section shall be given in the same manner as prescribed in section fifteen-h of this article.

(d) If the request of the petitioner is denied, in whole or in part, the notice required by subsection (c) of this section shall include the grounds for refusing to grant the request contained in the petition.

(e) This section shall not apply to tangible personal property appraised by the Tax Commissioner as part of an industrial or natural resource property appraisal.