§11-3-15e. Contents of petition based on income approach to value of real property.

(a) A petition that is filed with the assessor under section fifteen-c or fifteen-d of this article based on the income approach to value shall include income and expense data relating to the property for the three most recent consecutive fiscal years of the petitioner ending on or before June 30 preceding the then current assessment year. If the income and expense data is not available to the petitioner, the petitioner shall file with the petition such income and expense data as is available. The Tax Commissioner, by rule, may establish additional information to be filed if the required income and expense data are not available.

(b) If a petitioner under this article uses the income approach to determine valuation, the petitioner, an officer of a corporate petitioner, a general partner or a designated agent shall file a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury that the information contained in the petition is true and correct to the best of the petitioner's knowledge.