§11A-4-7. Right of creditor of former owner of escheated land.

Any surplus proceeds arising from the sale of escheated land may be applied for by the creditors of the decedent if application is made to the circuit court of the county in which the land is situated within one year after the Auditor has confirmed the sale. Upon proper application to the court within such time such surplus may be applied to the satisfaction of the claims of creditors of the decedent who had a lien on the land at the time of his death, or who, being general creditors, have properly proved their claims against his estate and have been unable to obtain payment out of the personalty. In the disposition of such surplus, due preference shall be given to lien creditors. Any part of such surplus thereafter remaining shall be paid by the sheriff to the Auditor for credit to the general school fund.

Bill History For §11A-4-7

1953 Regular Session
House Bill 382