§12-6A-5. Powers and duties.

The Division of Debt Management shall perform the following functions and duties:

(1) Continuously evaluate the current and projected debt and debt service requirements of the State and its spending units.

(2) Evaluate cash flow projections relative to proposed and existing revenue bond issues.

(3) Issue a debt impact report if requested by the Governor, the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House of Delegates. The Division may request any additional information needed to issue a debt impact report. A debt impact report shall in no way restrict the Governor, the Legislature or the spending unit.

(4) Act as liaison with the Legislature on all debt matters, including, but not limited to, new debt issues and the status of debt issued by the State and its spending units.

(5) Assist the State and its spending units regarding the issuance of debt if requested.

(6) Establish reporting requirements for the issuance of debt by the State and its spending units pursuant to the provisions of this article.

(7) Monitor continuing disclosure requirements and post-issuance compliance issues with federal and state tax and securities law, including, without limitation, arbitrage, rebate and remedial measures.

(8) Make and execute contracts and other instruments and pay the reasonable value of services or commodities rendered to the division pursuant to those contracts.

(9) Contract, cooperate or join with any one or more other governments or public agencies, with any political subdivision of the State, or with the United States, to perform any administrative service, activity or undertaking which the contracting party is authorized by law to perform, charge for providing services and expend any fees collected.

(10) Do all things necessary or convenient to effectuate the intent of this article and to carry out its powers and functions.

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