§12-6A-6. Reporting.

(a) Within fifteen days following the end of each calendar quarter, each state spending unit shall provide the division and the Legislative Auditor, in the manner provided by this article and in such form and detail as the State Treasurer may require, a report including, but not limited to, the name of the state spending unit, the amounts and types of debt incurred during the calendar quarter and outstanding at the end of the calendar quarter, the cost and expenses of incurring the debt, the maturity date of each debt, the terms and conditions of the debt, the current debt service on the debt, the interest rate on the debt, the source of the proceeds utilized for repayment of the debt, the amounts of repayment during the calendar quarter, the repayment schedule and the security for the debt. A state spending unit having no outstanding debt shall not be required to provide the quarterly report but shall file an annual report, on forms established by the Division of Debt Management: Provided, That the state spending unit shall immediately notify the Division of Debt Management of any change in the spending unit's outstanding debt or financial condition.

(b) Not less than thirty days prior to a proposed offering of debt by the state or a state spending unit, written notice of the proposed offering and the terms thereof shall be given to the Division by the state spending unit in the form as the Division may require.

(c) Within thirty days after closing on an offering, the responsible spending unit shall report to the division the information pertaining to the offering required by the division in the form the division may require.

(d) On or before January 31 and July 31 of each year, the division shall prepare and issue a report of all debt of the State and its spending units and of all proposed debt issuances of which the division has received notice and shall furnish a copy of the report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Delegates, the members of the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, the Legislative Auditor and upon request to any other legislative committee and any member of the Legislature. The report shall be kept available for inspection by any citizen of the state. The division shall also prepare updated reports of all debt of the state and its spending units as of March 31 and September 30 each year, which shall be available for inspection at the office of the state Treasurer within thirty days of the end of the respective calendar quarter.

(e) On or before January 15 each year, the division shall report to the Governor and to the Legislature on the capacity of the state to issue additional debt. In preparing its annual review and estimate, the division shall, at a minimum, consider:

(1) The amount of net tax supported debt outstanding and debt authorized but not issued during the current and next fiscal year and annually for the following ten fiscal years;

(2) Debt service requirements during the current and next fiscal year and annually for the following ten fiscal years based upon existing outstanding debt, previously authorized but unissued debt and projected bond authorizations;

(3) Any information available from the budget office of the department of revenue in connection with projected revenues and anticipated capital expenditures projected for at least the next five fiscal years;

(4) The amount of debt the state and its spending units may prudently issue;

(5) What is needed to keep West Virginia within an average to low range of nationally recognized debt limits;

(6) The debt ratios rating agencies and analysts use; and

(7) The effect of authorizations of new tax supported debt on each of the considerations in this subsection.